Those of you who have read my (printed) newsletters over the past several years will be wondering if that chatty, introspective, self-deprecating voice will appear on the blog. Read below an exchange of emails between Marta Renzi (choreographer and professional doubting Thomas) and Marta Jo Miller (long-time friend, able assistant, confessor) during the making of NOT ABOUT PARIS.

10/14/06, from Marta Renzi to Marta Miller:

Dear M,

Shoes are at the shoemaker: the chair dresses I designed & stitched are being tea-dyed. There's a pretty great poster which I expect will be available next week. I'm making the score with Steve Elson on Monday. The scrim is hung, so we could use it in rehearsal so the dancers aren't clueless for the Thursday runthru.

I won't be up until Tuesday, by 1 or 2. Shall we just plan to meet at the costume shop at 2:00? On Tuesday's rehearsal, we'll begin with a scene-to-scene runthru and see how far we get. I'd like to steal costumes for Dark Wood (the first processional) and Child's Dance/Zhuvatchka.

One of the primary ways you can be helpful next week is getting some of these lesser dancers cleaned up - and their egos catered to a bit, so I can look at the big picture. The hungrymouth trio could also use drilling, although Caitlin can only be there on Thursday next week.

The stronger dancers are beginning to really get it. I can't wait for the next stage, although I think it will never rise above its origins.

I saw our Dav in THE EXONERATED; he and the rest of the cast were transformed; and I'm feeling like only pieces with the importance of EXONERATED should ever be presented. The usual Renzi self-flagellation. Thanks for being there to help stay the whip!


10/14/06 from Marta Miller to Marta Renzi

Hi Darlin!

Yes, I will meet you at the costume shop at 2:00....
I look forward to diving into the world of NOT PARIS... and remind me to give you a talking to
regarding the importance, even politically, of making art.... ANY KIND OF ART... as a creative act that isn't part of the capitalist system of goods for money...
making things, thinking about things, and bringing people along for a ride that isn't watching tv
to support the selling of cars is a fine and important use of energy.... even if it's not about folks on death row. We need to make the world a good place that
is filled with all kinds of human expressions... of imagination, truth, beauty, wisdom and whimsy.
Throw down your weapon
(whip - whatever) and kick it over here!

m jo

Actually, if I understand correctly, this kind of dialogue is very blog.
N'est-ce pas?

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katherine said...

this is the second comment - I try to blog but nobody hears it.I love have a window on your creative process because I I had problems dealing with rejection and criticism in the past - essentially I was artistically silent for almost 20 years when my parents did not admire my film Comedienne
enough. I have not had the strength to finish anything since so I admire your determination. Those film festivals and
screenings are what can keep us going. I needed to make a family before I could venture out again. I love reading your correspondence with your muse - I too have a muse! They are essential - and a mentor no less- we're gonna get this baby out one way or another ! I appreciate the beauty that you create - it makes living more tolerable ! Katherine