Archive of the Month - May 2009

Did you find your way here from Home?  If so, welcome to "About Marta Renzi", the back pages.  This is where I'll post Archives from now on, as distinguished from New Stuff.  

This one is hungrymouth (click here for Youtube screen) .  It was choreographed in 1996, and in this version is danced by me, Erica Eigenberg, Marta Miller and Deborah Tacon at a 1998 concert at St. Mark's Danspace.

This Archive is related to New Stuff, actually, because as I post this, we're cannibalizing movement from it for the new Fruitlands dance.  What goes around...continues to go around.

Feel free to wander around these back pages. You'll see some older posts, a Filmography with links to the videodances, and biographical information.  All that's missing is baby pictures!

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